Sep 22

Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo

Birch Run Expo Center – October 19, 2013

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Sep 16

Meat Rabbits for the Homestead

RabbitsMeat rabbits for the homestead. Beyond chickens, probably the “next best”, most productive animal for the homestead is the meat rabbit. Rabbits are inexpensive, easy-to-raise, prolific, quiet, and take a minimal amount of space. And, they produce the leanest meat of all domestic animals as well as usable pelts and incredibly-rich garden fertilizer.

Of course, many people are put off by the idea of eating what they consider a pet animal and can’t picture themselves being able to dispatch “those cute bunnies”. But the reality is, if times Rabbitsget tough(er) and you need a delicious protein source for your hungry family, you will quickly get over your apprehensions and be grateful you have a ready source of meat. (Quite frankly, 3 month old rabbits – which is prime butchering age — aren’t nearly as cute and cuddly as what you are imagining.)

A breeding trio of rabbits, that is, two females and one male, could easily produce 42 babies a year. If these youngsters are butchered at 3-4 pounds, this translates into approximately 150 pounds of meat per year.

Meat RabbitThere are many breeds of domestic rabbits but for many meat producers the New Zealand white and Californian are two of the more popular. Fryers, bakers, roasters, and stewers are the names given to meat rabbits. Their age and weight will determine their title. Want to learn more? Then tune in this Thursday, September 12, to the Homestead Honey Hour where we will dive into this subject to help you get started raising rabbits!

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Aug 28

Developing your “Homestead Master Calendar”

Why do it and how to do it!

homestead honey 125In previous episodes of the Homestead Honey Hour, I’ve talked about locating and developing your homestead as well as finding balance on said homestead. This time I’d like to take it a step further and share how to keep track of everything you have going. As we work towards a self-sufficient lifestyle the tendency is to incorporate more and more things that will that need attention into our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly routines. For example, weaning oneself away from dependence on the groceryHHH calendar college store means growing more and more of your own food and all that entails. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Let’s talk about how to organize those yearly, seasonally, and monthly tasks as well as special projects so they neither sneak up on you, nor get overlooked. In the course of this show, I’ll also be discussing the importance of customizing what you do to suit your own unique set of circumstances. No two preppers or homesteaders are alike and neither are where and how they live. It doesn’t matter, if you prep or homestead from a suburban lot or on 200 acres in the middle of nowhere – everyone can benefit from better organization and management of their resources.

So listen in with me, Renée, (also known as Michigansnowpony on youtube), as I share what this difficult year has taught me and how I am determined not to repeat it because I have developed and put together a Homestead Master Calendar to help me in 2014 and beyond. You too, can do this for your own homestead — I’ll tell you how!

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Feb 25

University of Michigan to Retrofit Historic Home with Zero Water Consumption Plumbing

Most preppers are looking for ways to generate more electricity and sources of fresh water to use now and in the future.  It seems the University of Michigan like the ideas too.  Check out this article and video about creating a zero water consumption home.


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University of Michigan Zero Water Consumption

Jan 24

A Nod to Wolverine

Hi.  I’m Joshua.  I was looking at posts on the blog and came across this draft belonging to Wolverine.  While he wrote this article quite a while ago, it’s a good article deserves to be published.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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The First of Several Book Reviews

First, the proud father stuff. My youngest son graduated from IBOLC and is now a full fledged Infantry Officer in the United States Army. He had ROTC in college and wanted to try his hand at a military career. It was a great honor for his Aunt and I to attend his graduation and I felt very proud awarding him his Blue Infantry Cord. (I would have liked to given him my old green and yellow MP cord, but he wanted to take a different route.) He is now preparing for Ranger School and his dad is so damn proud of him he could just bust.

Ok, now the prep stuff. While we were in Georgia for his graduation we went to an out of the way eatery, the Four Winds Restaurant so my son could have a Ranger Burger. While there I spotted a book for sale by the cash register and picked it up. The book was called The Fugitive Forester by Joel Robertson.

The back of the book made a statement that the protagonist “gives real meaning to the term ’survivor’.” I do not read a lot of fiction but this one made me think about buying it so I did. It was fourteen dollars and I think the book is self-published.

In a nutshell, the main character is falsely accused of murder and instead of going to jail he sets up a plan to fake his own death and try and find the real killer. (This just screams for an OJ reference but I will reframe.) He pre-plans his death and places several caches in the area to help him survive.

The book could be a guideline for anyone that is planning to head for the woods in the event TSHTF or your plan of choice is to hide in the woods. The author describes several caching methods and ideas for supplies.

It wasn’t a bad book as it goes. There were several spots where some editing was missed, grammar and typos. There were also several things that just don’t ring true, like the Army leaving a supply of ammo and MREs setting by the side of the road for pick up later.

The book was good enough for me to stay up late one night during the work week to finish it, so that should say something for it. While not a step by step guideline for escaping to the woods reading this book will give some ideas that can be followed up on for later use.

Since prepping should not be all consuming in our lives we can take a break and read some fiction and still get some prepping knowledge at the same time. If you can find a copy give it a read, you just might enjoy the book. The publisher is listed as Brentwood Publishers Group, 4000 Beallwood Avenue, Columbus, Georgia 31904.


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Dec 21

The Mayan End of the World and Continued Prepping

The Mayan End of the World and Continued Prepping


Well, the Mayan end of the calendar has come and went and we are still here. I for one am not surprised, never did believe that we would know ahead of time it was the end of the world. I did not think we would have a problem with Y2K and ended up being at work repairing a drain line as we flipped over from ‘99 to 2000. What does surprise me is the number of preppers and neo-preppers that have contacted me stating they regret that they did not get to use their preps. Excuse me! You wanted to have the world in turmoil so you could say to others, “I told you so.” That is like being disappointed that you arrive home from a night out and find that your house is not broken into. Damn, now you cannot file an insurance claim? Come on folks, we prepare in case we run into trouble, not because we want trouble.


When we used to train for disasters in the Reserves we always had a little let down we never got called out so we could put our training to use, but we also knew that if we did get called out our fellow citizens  were in a world of hurt and their lives had turned south. We really did not want to wish that one them just so we could test ourselves.


Thanks to those of you that have sent me encouragement to return to writing. I may write something once in a while, but I will not be regular like I was. In the time since I last wrote until now I have continued to prep and acquire skills and equipment so that I might better survive any glitch in the system. One big thing I did was finally acquire a tractor for the farm. It is an early 1950s one that is not restored but “still has on its working clothes” as they say. The first thing I have tried to do is replace it with a 12 volt system. Because of that I have not used it much as I did not finish the replacement in a timely manner. I also found an old 1930s John Deere corn sheller that I picked up. I was told it would shell my walnuts for me, but it didn’t work as promised this fall. I need to play with it some to see what I did wrong, but it shelled the corn great. Tonto came over and we did a five gallon bucket straight out of the field in nothing flat. I am looking forward to seeing how the cornmeal he is making turns out.



Jul 08

Another looks at the Bug Out Bag

Another look at the Bug Out Bag

 By: Westfalia

A subject that never seems to go out of style in the Prepper movement is Bug Out Bags (BOB). These types of kits are known under many names; Get Out Of Dodge (GOOD) Bags, 72 Hours Kits and I’m Never Coming Home (INCH) Bags. What these survival kits have in common is that the kits are intended to be comprehensive survival kits intended to provide you everything you need in a survival or crisis situation. Many discuss the subjects of survival kits like it’s a one size fits all concept; this however not the way that I suggest that you approach the subject. Survival is about adapting to the specific situations and challenges you face and your BOB must reflect this reality.

A Bug Out Bag is only a tool in order to make it easier for you to deal with extraordinary situations; but it is still you that will have to deal with this situation and in order to do this you must have the health and physical fitness, skills and experience, knowledge and will to survive that is required to do so.

The Clothing makes the Prepper

Before we get into the subject of what to put into the BOB lets go into the subjects of clothing. The elements present one of biggest challenges in any survival situation. It normally takes few days to die from dehydration and several weeks to die from Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 08

Just Call Me Euell Gibbons?

One of the men at our church has started calling me Euell Gibbons because I have started studying wild edibles. I have splurged on four books, two on wild edibles, one on wild mushrooms and one on wild medicinal plants and herbs.

Here is my experiences with this the last 24 hours…
Last night we had our preppers meeting at the church and one of the families that are a part of this meeting brought some wild leeks (or shallots) they had found along side the road yesterday afternoon.

Today, one of our 3rd grade girls here at the church when scouting for wild edible plants together. We did this while her mom Carrie and my wife Sandy were taking their CPR refresher class for certification of the daycare.

We enjoyed Wood Sorrel together, we decided we liked the leaves, flowers and pods raw. I think I might try making some soup from this plant in the next few days.
We also found a wild parsnip.

While we were looking at the wild edibles book, we saw a recipe for dandelion bud stuffed mushroom caps. So we went back out and found about 10 flower buds. So we came back in and made the recipe, it was good! We all enjoyed them!

It is pretty easy to make, boil the dandelion buds, to remove some of the bitterness, I boiled the mushroom caps a little to speed up the cooking process at the same time I boiled the buds. Then I stuffed the dandelion buds in the mushrooms, added olive oil to the caps and skillet that we finished them in. Sprinkled a little rosemary over the top of this and finished sauteing the stuffed mushroom caps.

It made for a tasty and healthy after school snack.

Then later this evening Sandy and I went for a walk to the small store here in town, we saw Dan and Josie over at the restaurant. So we walked over to visit with them, while we were talking I found chicory growing up between the cracks in the sidewalk and beside the restaurant. Some yellow dock and garlic mustard had gone to seed already.

It is amazing what God has provided for our nourishment! We don’t have to toil or labor to tend to these plants, just go out and pick them to our hearts contentment!

So what are some of your experiences?

Apr 21

We live in a world that nations seem hell-bent on going to war!

We live in a world that nations seem hell-bent on going to war!

While the Israel News Agency released an article stating war is necessary.

Business Insider is claiming that Russia has troops amassing on the northern border of Iran, just in case Israel or Israel/USA attack Iran’s nuclear sites. (This link is also at the bottom)

It looks like we are in for some rough years ahead, especially if the USA is attacked to neutralize our response.

Becoming prepared for any eventuality is a must, if we are to survive any type of retaliation. We are living in uncertain times, that is for sure!

What are some of the eventualities that you have planned for?

Let’s start a round table discussion that can help each of us to find aspects of preparations we may have not thought of ourselves as we are putting things back for the future.

Pastor Mark

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